Tutankhamun exhibition extended


If, like me, you haven’t had a chance to go see the popular Tutankhamun – His Tomb and His Treasures exhibition yet, you now have more time. The international exhibition opened early December last year and has now been extended to the 12th of April. Beyond that though, there are no further possibilities of extensions.

50 000 South Africans have already been to view it at Silverstar casino’s entertainment venue, The Globe, on the West Rand.

The exhibition features over 1 000 perfectly replicated ancient Egyptian artifacts, including  Tut’s sarcophagus. And, because they’re replicas, you can get up close instead of trying to have a look through the glare of a glass box. Audio guides are available for adults and children. It will be of particular value to Grade 5 pupils, who are studying ancient Egypt as part of their curriculum.

It takes about two hours to walk through the exhibition.

Tickets are R160 for Adults, Seniors (over the age of 60) & Students pay R120, Children between 6 & 18 pay R100 while children under 6 can attend for free.

Bookings can be done at www.tut-exhibition.co.za


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